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By the time you read this Easter will be over but we hold in our hearts the joy of salvation. We are incredibly grateful and privileged to serve in our community and the surrounds. It is a blessing to us. At the beginning of 2023 I felt the Lord say “widows and orphans” and so it is!


Widows and Orphans


Psalm 68:5

“Father to the fatherless, defender of widows- This is God, whose dwelling is holy”.

We have looked after 9 widows over the past 18 months. In the last 3 months that number has grown to 23, we have “adopted” 14 living together in Wychwood.
We will be supplying monthly food parcels, and God being faithful to his word has already supplied R28 000 in donations towards these parcels. We stepped out in faith, not having the funds to supply an additional 14 parcels and within 4 weeks the money has come in!!  We stand in awe.

Adopted Pensioners - Christian Charity March 2023 | Newsletter Update Issue 12

We have started visiting Hurly Hills private care centre once a month, taking cake and treats to share with the residents.

Hurly Hills - Christian Charity March 2023 | Newsletter Update Issue 12

Food hampers for Edenvale Child Welfare were delivered in February. From April we will be assisting Impact children’s house with a food hamper including, cleaning agents each month and also children’s clothes and shoes when we have.

Food Parcels

291 parcels have been distributed over the first quarter to our regular families, including Boksburg and Tembisa. 

In addition to the monthly family parcels we were able to give 16 parcels with non-perishables to “Food for thought” in Kempton, an organisation run by Francus Palm. Francus is walking a road with families in that area and is always so grateful for help along the way.

Our parcels consist of the basic non perishables, with increasing prices these parcels have gone from costing on average R150 to R200 each.

We received such beautiful thank you pictures from the children in Tembisa, really precious to us.

Tembisa Thank You Notes - Christian Charity March 2023 | Newsletter Update Issue 12

Reaching the City HILLBROW

There is an incredible team from newDAY church together with the Upper Room church that visit the homeless on the streets of Hillbrow once a month. It is amazing to see the relationships that have been formed and the understanding of the love of Jesus that is shown and shared.  It was obvious that these men and woman needed some practical help, just under R14 000.00 was raised and on 25 March we were able to hand out 92 packs consisting of a shirt, socks, face cloth, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush and a water on top of their usual sandwiches and fruit.
They were blown away! (and so were we, a very humbling

A HUGE thank you to all who made this possible, we appreciate your support!

Reaching the City Hillbrow - Christian Charity March 2023 | Newsletter Update Issue 12

Donations Received
Thank you to:

  • M Burness
  • S Rabie
  • L Garrett
  • M Simpson
  • Moore Foundation
  • AA Bakery (through Lancewell)
  • M Drake

 We are so incredibly thankful to all who faithfully donate towards parcels. Donations are what makes this possible. Please consider donating to this ongoing cause:

Ongoing Projects

We are extremely blessed to be able to help other organisations with our surplus
LRC church – monthly donation of 50kg of maize each month.
Reaching the City, supporting this ministry team from Newday with 100 sandwiches and fruit each month they hand out to the homeless on the streets of Hillbrow.
Daughters of dignity – ongoing support of sanitary packs for young ladies needing this support
Revive – We supplied a healthy meal for their outreach in February and continue to supply groceries for their parolees when we have extra.

Blanket Drive - Christian Charity March 2023 | Newsletter Update Issue 12

What we are working on

This year we will be supporting Manor Community church distributing into Alexander township as well as those in our area in need

We planning to work together with a church in Edenvale to help the homeless here in our area, more details to follow.

Until next time!

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Debbie and the Hope@Hand team