Rehumele Foundation is a registered public beneficiary organisation that was birthed in 2008.
The name Rehumele means “Enriching lives” in Zulu.

Hope House

An overwhelming need was realised for people recovering from substance addiction. Hope House was established in Edenvale. A healthy and safe environment in the journey towards restoration. A temporary home for addicts to continue their journey to recovery. A loving transitional facility empowering rehabilitated addicts to engage and reconnect with normal life and society. The Rehumele Foundation governs this life changing community project.

Hope@Hand – Food & Toiletry Parcels

In 2020, additional community needs became urgent. Many people experienced job losses and household income was severely affected. Rehumele saw the increased need and is now in the process of supplying those severely impacted with basic food items and toiletries.
Volunteers Debbie and Lynda have spent countless hours sourcing, preparing and distributing food parcels. Donations from various local organisations have enabled them to provide basic food parcels to 65 families in the community.
Non-perishables are purchased on a monthly basis in bulk, and split into parcels that are distributed bi-weekly. Fresh foods are added to these parcels just before they are given away.
Rehumele’s vision is to increase the amount of families it is able to impact. Additional projects have also been birthed to support their vision. Vegetable gardens are being planted in two locations and more venues are being sought after.

Outreach Projects

Other initiatives include supporting an existing soup kitchen with food supplies and helping hands. The team has also begun connecting with other outreach programs in the area providing the homeless with freshly cooked meals every Saturday.
Volunteers work as an act of love and service in the community. They wish to honour the needy, hungry in a practical way whilst showing them love, respect and dignity.
The need is enormous, and resources are needed.