Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
We ended 2022 on a high and are expectant for what God has in store for us this year. We continue to seek and trust His leading.

Matthew 25:40

‘And the King shall answer them, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me”‘.

Food Parcels

In the last 3 months we have been able to hand out 367 parcels within the Edenvale,
Boksburg and Tembisa areas. This brings the total for the year to 1373.
Our food parcels consist of mainly of staple non perishable goods eg. Rice, porridge, sugar, biscuits, tea, soup, oil, pasta, tin items, toothpaste, soap. We like to give some fresh items for example eggs, bread, potatoes, carrots, onions at last once a month.

Christian Charity December 2022 - Food Parcels

We are so incredibly thankful to all who faithfully donate towards these parcels. Donations are what makes this possible. Please consider donating to this ongoing cause, it’s easy –  just click on the donate button:

 We are so incredibly thankful to all who faithfully donate towards parcels. Donations are what makes this possible. Please consider donating to this ongoing cause:

Donations Received
Thank you to:

  • The Moore Foundation
  • 80 loaves of bread per month from AA Bakery
  • Sandton Plant hire
  • Tarryn Gurr, products for daughters of dignity, baby grows and blankets
  • Nwanda
  • Sintec
  • 100 kg rice from a member of Newday church
  • 2nd hand clothing

Ongoing Projects

We are extremely blessed to be able to help other organizations with our excess

LRC church – Monthly donation of 50kg of maize to help with their parcels into Alexandra, also clothing for their recipients.
Manor Community church – Clothing and toys for families they support on the outskirts of Alexandra township consisting of 22 families.
Reaching the city, Hillbrow outreach , we support the ministry team from newDAY church with 100 sandwiches per month that they distribute to the homeless when the visit them to pray and support these men instilling hope.
Daughters of dignity – hygiene packs for young ladies on a monthly basis.
Veggie gardens“when a woman plants a vegetable patch she feeds the neighborhood“
Revive – helping those on the streets hoping to find work with healthy cooked meals. In 2023 we were able to supply 240 hot meals and cooldrinks

Christian Charity December 2022 - Ongoing Projects


nite fever show fundraiser

Nite fever, Barnyard show on 5 November

It was a fun night where we came together sharing a meal and good laughs together. The show was great and filled with many talented performers. However the company was the star of the night. THANK YOU to all who came out to support and have fun with us

Christian Charity December 2022 - Nitre Fever Fundraiser

The BIG heart Christmas drive

A shout out to SPAR Edenmeadows who gave us a trolley outside their store for December where groceries were collected from kind, generous shoppers.

Christian Charity December 2022 - Big Heart Christmas Drive

Hope @ Christmas

This was a humbling journey. You have heard the saying “people never cease to amaze” – well this was true in the best possible way. People opened their hearts wide which enabled us to exceed all our expectations!

  • 72 families
  • 63 children
  • stationary packs
  • back packs
  • sweets & treats
  • clothing
  • Checkers vouchers
  • school uniform vouchers
  • food hampers
  • presents
Christian Charity December 2022 - Hope at Christmas

What we are planning for 2023

We have some ideas in mind and will need your help make them happen:

STREET SHOWER (Hillbrow)- here we plan to hire a street shower for the homeless in Hillbrow, approximately 100
To give them each a shower and clean t-shirt, a toiletry pack and a hot meal, imagine what a day this will be
Our wish list for this project:

  • Funds to hire the shower
  • 100 bars of soap, 100 toothpaste, 100 toothbrushes and 100 facecloths
  • 100 male t-shirts (medium size)
  • Funding for groceries for the hot meal and cooldrinks to be served that day
  • VOLUNTEERS on the day
Christian Charity December 2022 - Hope at Christmas


“LOADSHEDDING” and everyone’s eyes roll back.
Think of those elderly folk who can barely afford electricity when the lights are on.
We are hoping to give out 50 solar lights (R279 each) to elderly people who are in great need. This would make their lives so much easier, we want to show that they are loved and cared for and not forgotten.

We wish you all they very best for 2023 and are committed to continue to serve and love our community the best we can.

Until next time!

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Debbie and the Hope@Hand team