Hope@Hand offering help to those in need


Through Hope@Hand, Debbie Blain and Lynda McDougall have helped countless families in Edenvale and its surrounds.

As a branch of the Rehumele Foundation, Hope@Hand is no newcomer to the world of helping those in need.
Rehumele Foundation was started in 2008 and is a registered public beneficiary organisation.
Among the beneficiaries, which receive assistance through the foundation, is Hope House.
Hope House was established in Edenvale around 15 years ago to help those recovering from substance addiction.
The facility provides recovering addicts with a healthy and safe environment on their journey towards restoration.
Before Hope@Hand was officially launched as its own entity, volunteers fed 400 people through a soup kitchen in Thembisa.
The soup kitchen was funded through Rehumele,” Debbie told the NEWS
Then after four years of work, the soup kitchen was closed in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.
“Everything just came to a standstill,” Debbie said.
Volunteers used their skills and knowledge to help those in the community who had lost their jobs and income.
“In 2021 Hope@Hand was launched as its own division with a focus on supporting the greater Edenvale area. We still help families in Thembisa but the number is far less than we used to be able to help.”
Now, the organisation assists 90 families in Edenvale with the support of its main sponsor NewDay Church.

Hope@Hand offering help to those in need

Debbie Blain and Lynda McDougall have helped countless families in Edenvale and its surrounds.

We’ve been lucky enough to help Edenvale Care Centre Hospice, Child Welfare SA – Edenvale and many others,” Debbie said.
Most recently Hope@Hand held a collection drive for beanies that were donated to children at Pinocchio Educare Centre.
“Surplus donations went towards other projects, which we support in Hillbrow and Kempton Park.”
Debbie added that the organisation had also assisted with the implementation of vegetable gardens at Hope House and a second step-down facility.
“The gardens have given the residents at these facilities something to do and a sense of purpose.” She added that Hope@Hand now hopes to be able to implement sustainable gardening practices for other residents.
We want to teach the residents we support how to sustainably garden for themselves.”
Other initiatives run by Hope@Hand include Daughters of Dignity that benefits 22 young girls at an Edenvale-based school.
Each month we give these girls sanitary packs.”
The organisation is fundraising for its Mandela Day initiative.
We want to be able to deliver 67 extra food parcels this Mandela Day. Each parcel costs R150 and they will go to the elderly in the community and single mothers who struggle to make ends meet every month.”
Residents can find out more or donate to the initiative by
visiting www.rehumele.org.za
Alternatively, donations of items such as tinned foods, toilet paper, soap and sanitary pads may be dropped off at New Day Church.
For more information contact Debbie on 083 357 1246