Hope at Hand Newsletter – September 2021

Greetings all, another 3 months has passed so quickly since our last newsletter.  We have been blessed with new donors, so we were able to bless more people during September.

Food Parcels

We were able to distribute 273 parcels from July to September 2021, which is 848 parcels for the year so far.  We are averaging 100 people per month.

We are hoping to expand to include another 10 parcels per month for newDAY members in Tembisa, due to increased donations.

Food Parcel collection - Hope at Hand Edenvale

Vegetable Gardens

On 3 September we planted a summer garden at our Bedfordview site, consisting of leeks, carrots, spinach and cabbage.  Our winter produce went a long way in adding substenance to our various soups.

On 13 September we planted a summer garden at Hope House, we are trusting that the summer produce is better than the winter one that we lost due to frost conditions.

We will shortly start planting a further garden at Stepping Stones, Edenvale, which is a new NGO we are partnering with.  Tending the garden will give the occupants a purpose as they re-build their lives, as well as providing food to sustain them.

Vegetable Gardens - Hope at Hand - Edenvale South Africa

Hope@Hand Headquarters (Storehouse)

On 12 July our new premises was broken into and all our food stock and gas cookers stolen.  We were fortunate that the insurance paid out so that we could recoup our losses as well as reinforce our security.

We eventually held our grand opening of our premises on 11 September.  We have decided to call our Headquarters “The Storehouse”, as per Deuteronomy 28:8 “The Lord shall command the blessing upon you in your storehouse and in all that you undertake. And He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God gives you.”

Hope at Hand new premises opening Edenvale


We continue to support Mothebong Foundation creche with monthly food parcels to assist in feeding the children.

We have recently established contact with the Principle at Phutumani Primary School in Esiqongwani Section, with a view to assisting where we can.  There are 1363 pupils.  We are hoping to supply the Grade 6 and 7 girls with sanitary towels, on a regular basis, in conjunction with Daughters of Dignity, run through the ladies ministry at newDAY Church.  We will require funding to make monthly donations possible.

Homeless Outreach

An outreach to homeless folk on the streets of Edenvale was held on 17 July, where 86 pies and cooldrinks were handed out.

An outreach, in conjunction with Newday Café, was held on 11 August, with lentil soup and bread being distributed to 64 people.

Another outreach was undertaken on 18 September with 90 vetkoek and cooldrinks being distributed.  This and the July outreach were made possible with funding from Rehumele Foundation. Thanks so much for your continued support.

We have fed 176 homeless folk this quarter, huge thanks for the support.

Our next outreach will be at the end of October.

Homeless Outreach - Hope at Hand Edenvale

DAYCovid-19 Relief/Looting

During July 2021 we were made aware of families and individuals from newDAY Church that had contracted the virus and, with help of newDAY Church assisting with funding, and Café newDAY  for supplying pre-cooked meals, we were able to offer some well-received relief.

Together with newDAY Church, who kindly donated funds to the Relief Fund in KwaZulu-Natal after the looting, we were instrumental in ensuring these funds were distributed through the correct channels.

Extra food parcels were distributed from newDAY Church office to those affected by businesses closing-down, due to the looting.


During this quarter we received a lot of second-hand clothing, which we sorted and were able to distribute to another NGO, Revive, for ex-offenders on their release from prison.

Ladies clothing, games and toys were handed to LRC Church and Manor Community Church, which they pass onto residents of Alexandria Township.

New Projects

LRC Church distribute food parcels on a weekly basis to residents of Alexandria Township.  We will be distributing 50 x 1kg maize meal per month to them for next quarter.

We are putting together a campaign to raise funds in order be able to supply stationery packs for 65 pupils in Alexandra township starting grade R and grade 1 in 2022.

Social Media

We are very proud to announce that we now have a facebook page and a page on gab! We are now able to receive donations online and are hoping that these will increase substantially to enable us to assist more people.  Rehumele Foundation’s website has been updated and is looking fabulous!

Till next quarter …..