The first quarter of this year has been amazing. Here is a quick update on what we have been up to.

Food Parcels

These are distributed twice a month to families and individuals in the area and members of Newday church, including senior citizens. Many of these people lost their jobs during Covid-19 and are struggling to make ends meet and feed children.
To date this year a total of 297 parcels have been distributed.
The parcels included basic non perishable items as well as fresh foods like potatoes, butternut and apples.
A very big thank you goes out to Newday church, and Rehumele for making this possible each month by the funds they make available.

Child Welfare

They are faithful in giving us 20 loaves of bread which is collected every Monday . We have been able to give back to them, a box of baby clothes that was donated to us. Also when they were broken into in March and all their non- perishables stolen Rehumele were able to donate 10 x 2,5 kg of Iwiza maize as well as protex soap for 15 families.
We are enjoying this growing partnership reaching out and making a difference in our community.

Vegetable Gardens

We have 2 sites where our veggies can grow. These veggies are to be used to make soup in the upcoming winter months as well as to add to our parcels and for the homeless of Edenvale and some surrounding areas.

Pick ‘n Pay Donation

We say a huge thank- you to Pick n Pay Greenstone for their generous donation. This enabled us to give some extras in our parcels recently, as well as reaching others we do not usually reach.

Homeless Outreach

Rehumele have partnered with an NGO in the area feeding the homeless. We love going out and interacting with these folk. They receive a balanced cooked meal. For example: chicken/mince, mixed veg, and rice. A frozen cold drink was also well received (they love the sweetness).
Rehumele sponsor this meal every 5 weeks.

Hope@Hand HQ

newDAY church are in the process of building a “head-quarters” for us to operate from. This is going so well and we are excited to move in soon.


  • We are hoping to partner with a church in Marlboro for May, June, July & August to help feed families of an informal settlement made up of mostly moms and children to get them through the winter months.
  • Blanket drive – we already in the process of collecting blankets to hand out to the homeless for winter
  • Soup bottles – We will be making these bottles to hand out, we have already collected 125 bottles

Thank you for your continued support in reaching the community in a very practical and loving way. Your donation/sponsorship is valued so much.